Come and try out one of our life-size escape games in striking, realistic settings.

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The concept

The Escape Room is the world’s hottest entertainment trend. Enough of being passive in front of a screen, be the real heroes of a life-size game. Come and solve riddles, discover secret hiding places and, above all, play together to achieve a common goal. Interaction between team members is one of the keys to success. To add a little adrenalin, a timer determines the maximum time allowed to find the solutions. But don’t worry, our escape room’s sole aim is to entertain you.








For whom?

Our game is suitable for pregnant women and does not require any particular physical effort. For the moment, it is not possible to welcome people with reduced mobility (wheelchair).
Thank you for your understanding.

Family and friends

A trip with friends, an original family outing for young and old, a stag or hen party.


For our dear friends visiting our valley, come and immerse yourself in our Alpine culture.


Dear gamers, put down your controllers for a moment and let yourself be tempted by a real-life adventure!


Do you have an idea for a fun-filled outing with your colleagues (Team Building)? Don't hesitate, join us!

2 adventurers

50 CHF

per person

3 adventurers

40 CHF

per person

4 adventurers

36 CHF

per person

5 or 8 adventurers

32 CHF

per person


Free for children under 6 accompanied by an adult.
Minimum price: CHF 100
You can cancel your adventure booking free of charge up to 48 hours before your booking date. If you cancel on the same day, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Our escape rooms are partially accessible to wheelchair users, more details here

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From 2 to 6 players – For the whole family (children under 15 accompanied by an adult)

The scenario:

20th October 1921

You’re part of a team preparing to climb one of the most beautiful mountains in the Valais, the Dent Blanche (4,357 m). As so often happens in the mountains, an unexpected storm is brewing. In 60 minutes, it will be too late to return to the valley. If you don’t want to be stranded until spring, and have to keep the capricious warden company, it’s best to escape from the refuge….

Video by Alexandre Maye keyframer

From 2 to 8 players – For the whole family (children under 15 accompanied by an adult)

The scenario:

You are tourists visiting Grimentz. You are strolling through this charming village and have tasted the famous Vin du Glacier in a number of small cellars.

As you emerge from one of them, you are not only blinded by the beauty of the place, but also somewhat disorientated. You struggle to find your way through the maze of alleyways.

Then you meet Célestin, who offers you a deal. If you can make him a raclette within the hour, he’ll show you the way. If not, you’ll be wandering the streets of the village forever, without even a drink!

Come and enjoy an immersive experience in the heart of the mountains! The sound of the bells will make you lose track of time.